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Author: Kat Fitzsimmons+

Need a New Website or just a Facelift?

Perhaps you just need to develop the website you have, or you're not really sure what to do. 

new websiteYou can compare this predicament to taking your car to the auto shop because it's not running very well. The shop mechanic runs some diagnostic tests on your car to identify the issues. This enables them to identify and fix the problem(s). Worst case would be to discover that your engine is blown and it's time for a new one, darn.

Websites are similar to this scenario. With out understanding what's wrong with your existing website it's hard to make the decision to get a new one or to fix the one you have. If you website is "old". That is approximately over 3 years. Most likely a new site will be on the horizon. However, it's really not fair to make this generality with out examining the site you have. Start with a free SEO audit to reveal trouble spots. 

Upgrading to a New Wordpress Site

Fortunately, not all is lost if you do make the decision to upgrade to a modern Wordpress website. Much of your existing website can be migrated to the new site. This gives you a jump on starting versus creating completely from scratch. 

website faceliftAll your existing content, images, logo, accumulated data, and social media venues can be migrated to your new site. This is really big and helps tremendously with completing your new site on time or even early. However, upon "moving" your site over, now's the time to upgrade! Such as, revising content or creating new, rebranding or adding new functionality to the site. Let's say you want to change your logo and do some rebranding. This is the perfect time to do so.

Keeping Your SERP

What about my website's search ranking, ugh? You  might be thinking. Perhaps you are aware of your search engine rank for some very keywords, or maybe you are not. At the very least you know that a significant portion of your business comes from your website and you don't want to loose this. 

Maintaining your search rankings is our speciality. What you are talking about here are the nuts and bolts of SEO. Our process of migrating your old website to a new one includes creating and managing all redirects, updating txt files, sitemaps and more... This is our specialty. We can even help you generate more qualified traffic for other important keywords, products and services that you are trying to promote. 

Keeping Your Business Moving

Part of running a business includes having a strong web presence. This combination is hard, especially for the small business owner. Allow us to help you make the best decision with your web presence. We can provide concrete reasons why your website is under performing, and give you actionable direction on fixing issues. Based on our findings, we may even recommend a new website. Our success is your success.

New Business Equals New Website

If you are truly starting a new business. Then yes, you need to create a new website from scratch. There are many critical steps in forming a new business. However, beginning the website development process early on can help with business organization and goals. The development process will bring to life your brand look and feel as well as create a voice. I have outlined some basic information that any new business needs in order to begin the website development process, please review.

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