Email Marketing, Customer Match PPC

 Email Marketing at a New Level

Paid advertising and email marketing are crossing paths. Re-engage customers as they search across
re-engage your customers

networks. That means they will see your targeted ads as they engage in Search, Shopping, Youtube, Gmail, or view Display ads.

Reach New Clients, Grow Your Audience

By using customer match lists you can:
  • Re-engage your customers
  • Reach new clientele with similar interests
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive conversions. 
  • Customer Match PPC

How Does Customer Match Work?

Upload your client list or integrate your CRM software directly with Google Ads. We are here to help. It's the future of Digital Marketing.

  • On the Search Network and shopping tab, connect your existing customer with products they like, and find customers similar to your best ones. 
  • Within Gmail, you can reach existing customers and reach potential new customers with similar interests by using personalized ads.
  • On Youtube, reach new segments, by targeting audiences similar to your valued customers.
  • Advertise with Display, and reach existing or new customers with similar interests using personalized ads. 

Here to Help You Engage with Customer Match

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